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Shamir Blue Zero™



In a world that increasingly surrounds us in artificial light, it is a given that our eyes need protection from the damaging effects of HEV (High Energy Visible), or what is commonly known as blue light. Now, every lens you order can have built-in protection with proven effectiveness, in a clear lens offering today's best protection of visual health.



Shamir has developed a lens material with built-in protection from the potential harm of artificial light, which is increasingly present in everyday life from TV and computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and more. Based on a unique polymer formula, Shamir Blue Zero absorbs HEV, or blue light, while maintaining lens clarity*. Shamir Blue Zero is today's best way to protect your patients' visual, and even general health.
*The lens may appear to have a slight yellowish tint.






At best, extensive exposure to blue light leads to tired eyes, dry eye and eye strain, insufficient visual contrast, and headaches. At worst, it increases risk of macular degeneration and retinal disease. Children are particularly vulnerable since the lens of their eyes is more transparent, allowing in more blue light from TV screens, tablets and so on.




Research on visual health shows an increase in the incidence of ophthalmic disease related to today's greatly increased exposure to artificial light, which is known to not only increase the risk of ocular disease, but is also related to general health problems. It can cause increased production of lipofuscin (aging markers and free radicals), and is an effective suppressor of melatonin. Decreased melatonin causes disruption of the natural sleep cycle and has been related to greater risk of a number of other conditions from cardio-metabolic problems to impaired immune system.



Shamir Blue Zero is a clear lens. It eliminates the unsightly and annoying blue residue apparent on other products attempting to block blue light. Its lens clarity ensures comfortable vision in all light conditions, while it maintains optimal visual acuity. By absorbing just the right percentage of blue  light, it protects health without interfering with comfortable vision. It also provides UV protection by effectively absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays. And finally, Shamir Blue Zero is suitable for everyone, recommended for children as well as adults, and for wearers of prescription or plano lenses.


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While lens coatings such as Shamir's Glacier Blue Shield™ UV offer effective protection from blue light, not everyone chooses to include it with their lens order. Now, Shamir's new lens material with built-in protection means that everyone's visual health is automatically cared for!




For even more comprehensive UV protection, we recommend adding Shamir Glacier Plus UV. This AR coating provides the eyes with UV protection from rear surface reflected light, as well as offering a number of extra benefits. Its improved anti-reflection feature minimizes distracting glare, while antistatic properties repel dust, and its hydro/oleo-phobic and water/oil resistant surface keeps lenses clean. Shamir Glacier Plus UV makes lenses stronger, more durable, and longer lasting, while enhancing visual acuity, comfort and style. 


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Shamir DLC™

A winning combination!


Shamir’s optical expertise has now been combined with the scientifically advanced Trivex® material from PPG Industries. The result is Shamir DLC, Shamir’s latest line of lenses offering extraordinary performance characteristics.


icon1D for Durability
Shamir DLC lenses offer the best eye protection available.
It is ideal for rough and tumble play, engaging in sport, working in a hazardous environment, or for general every day protection against life's surprises, and it offers 100% UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays.


icon2L for Lightweight

Trivex® material is among the most lightweight materials available today!
Shamir DLC lenses are so lightweight, they offer the ultimate in all-day comfort.



icon3C for Clarity

Based on lens material specially developed for optical precision, Shamir DLC lenses optimize every prescription and maximize the viewing experience with clear sharp vision throughout the lens.


Everyone benefits with lenses that are ready for whatever life brings…

Children - Greater protection for them, peace-of-mind for their parents
Sports - Where impact resistance and visual clarity are so important
Fashion - Attractively thin and well suited to rimless or drill-mount frames
Eye care professionals - Enjoy unsurpassed customer satisfaction.


Shamir DLC - Available in a range of options

Shamir DLC lenses are available in our advanced premium progressive and SV RX designs.


And as blanks

Shamir DLC is also available as SFSV blanks, ideal for conventional SV Rx lenses, and as blanks for Freeform production where it offers unique advantages:

  • Specially developed to optimally fit Freeform production

  • Extra attention paid to uniformity of front curve, so important in Freeform production

  • No geometrical variations between batches



How do Transitions® adaptive lenses™ work?


transitions logo 2Transitions adaptive lenses are variable tint lenses which activate when exposed to Ultra Violet radiation (UV rays). Transitions adaptive lenses benefit from an exclusive patented Technology developed and constantly improved by Transitions Optical. When the UV light  diminishes, Transitions adaptive lenses fade back to clear. Transitions lenses help reduce glare as they automatically adapt to outdoor light Intensity, improving contrast and reducing eye fatigue.
By working hand in hand with Transitions Optical, Shamir offers premium photochromic progressive & single vision lenses with high performance. The collaboration between Shamir and Transitions Optical merges cutting-edge lens designs with state-of-the art photochromic technology. This combination provides patients with high added value lenses offering optimum indoor/outdoor comfort.



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Transitions Signature RGB color darkblue horizontal eps 

  • Optimal balance between outdoor darkness and indoor clarity.
  • Everyday adaptive lenses with a fast fade back speed.
  • Clear as an ordinary lens indoors.

 Available in:  12


 Great for those who: 

  • Want clear lenses indoors.
  • Go outdoors at different time of the day.

  • Spend generally more time indoors.




Transitions xtractive dark blue horizontal c

  • Extra protection against glare, because they are always active - even when driving.

  • Extra dark even in hot temperatures.

  • Filter indoors for extra comfort.

 Available in: 12


Great for those who:

  • Spend a lot of time outdoors and driving.
  • Seek strong protection.
  • Are light sesitive.




Great for those who:

  • Drive a lot.
  • Are frequently outdoors.

  • Seek more visual comfort in the car.

Transitions® DriveWear®


Transitions® DriveWear® is powered by using two of the most advanced technologies found in the eyeglass industry. Transitions® photochromic technology and the NuPolar® polarization technology. The human eye is a wonderfully designed instrument to collect visual information. Transitions Drivewear’s three different “stages” have all been designed to maximize the eye’s natural abilities in each of the different light conditions encountered both outside in direct light and behind the windshield of a car. Transitions® photochromic technology adjusts the colour and tint of the lenses as light conditions change. The lens changes tint to provide the ideal colour for each driving condition.


Low Light / Overcast Conditions


DriveWear 3High Contrast Green / Yellow Colour
Designed to maximize useful light information reaching the eye.

POLARIZED to remove glare that would otherwise destroy vision in low light conditions.




Behind the Windscreen Daylight / Driving Conditions


DriveWear 2Copper Color
Designed to remove excess light and to provide good traffic signal recognition; highlighting the reds and greens.

POLARIZED to remove glare for safe driving vision.




Bright Light / Outside Conditions


DriveWear 1Dark Reddish Brown Color
Designed for maximum filtration of excess light so that the eye does not get saturated.
POLARIZED to provide maximum comfort in highlight conditions.